Harrison’s big boy room

Hey everyone,

I mentioned a while ago, when I was pregnant with Foster, that the bedroom plan once baby arrived was to transition Harrison into our current guest room and keep the nursery as is for baby number two. I even considered how the nursery would be re-imagined if I was having a girl. And, before I did that I posted about what I was pinning for Harry’s big boy room for inspiration over on Pinterest.

Well after months of thinking and the baby actually arriving, we’re now nearing the point where we actually need/would like to move Harrison out of the nursery so that we can move Foster in.

I’m on maternity leave now, so the progress may be slow, but I’m hoping to get the painting done in June (now that I’ve decided on colour – wait and see) and then add the finishing touches once Harry is moved in.

So for today, here are some before photos of Harrison’s room so we’ll have a record of where we started.

This isn’t exactly what the guest room looked like…we did put pillow cases on the pillows, for example.

Harry's before 1

Harry's before 2

That valance has got to go! The large piece of wood you see in this shot is actually the Malm headboard from Ikea that goes with this bed. It doesn’t work in this room. It makes the bed too deep and just generally takes up too much space, so it’s on its side, waiting in the room for someone to answer my ad on Kijiji. If you’re local and know someone who wants it, let me know. 😉

Harry's before 3

I’ve got a project in mind for behind the door. Stay tuned to see if I can pull it off.

Harry's before 4

The “bedside table” that you see in the photo above is just the shelves that fit in the aforementioned Malm headboard.

So there you have it. A room that is lacking in personality that needs a few simple updates to make it perfect slumber spot for my busy boy.

Here’s what’s on my list of things to do:

  • Replace the duvet cover/bedding to coordinate with new colour scheme.
  • Paint the walls. Maybe stripes or an accent wall?
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a fun new fixture
  • Replace the wall sconce
  • Move one of the dressers from our master bedroom into Harrison’s room for added clothes storage and as a bedside table
  • Paint and customize the dresser
  • Add DIY and purchased art to the walls
  • Add book storage
  • Add more storage in general (not sure how or where I’m going to fit this in yet)
  • Organize the closet
  • Sew a personalized message on one of Harrison’s pillows
  • Sew and hang drapes

I guess we’ll see how it evolves and my plan changes as I start working on it.

I am trying to include Harrison in the process as much as possible so that he really feels like it’s his room. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going. So far he likes talking about his big boy room, but has yet to complete a nap or any kind of sleep in there.

I’m not sure yet what will be tougher, all the work, or convincing Harry to move!


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