Under pressure

Doo doo doo do-do-do-do. (Queen anyone?)

Spring came late this year. Well, in fact I’m not sure it came at all. We seem to have skipped a season and jumped right into early summer weather-wise.  And that has meant that it was winter, winter, winter, BAM! We want to sit out on our deck and enjoy time outside. Since the transition wasn’t really a transition we didn’t have much of an urge to get outside and do any work outside our house before the weather turned warm. Oh yeah… and this happened too, leaving us with not a ton of free time.

Our deck had been neglected. It needed a good scrubbin’.

And we have actually been talking about giving the deck a good, deep cleaning since last fall. We have two walnut trees on/near our property and they are messy little buggers. They drop their nuts, and squirrels love ’em and love to hang out and eat on our deck as much as we do. Besides keeping the deck clear of debris and the mess a walnut makes after a squirrel is done with it, our deck has been mostly neglected since we moved in.

At first we were just going to borrow a friend’s pressure washer to do the job, but we decided to invest in one since it does so much more than just clean your deck. It’s a great tool to have around the house.

So when Canadian Tire had a sale on a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and bought ourselves a brand spankin’ new pressure washer. (Cue the Queen music).

And boy did it make a difference!

It’s a shadow-y view of our deck before, with the furniture moved all around and the pressure washer ready to work it’s magic. The shadowed area gives you the best view of how dirty the deck was.

Here’s a photo of how really bad the deck was looking.

Hope the grill is cleaner than the deck

And here’s a half-way shot of the difference a little water and some power can make.

half way

I know, right? I bet you didn’t think it was that bad until you saw this shot. Even I didn’t know it was that bad!

Well I’m happy to report that the deck has been fully cleaned and is literally looking like a different deck all together. The deck is getting old though, and the scrubbing has revealed a few flaws like splinters and some uneven patches. I want our deck to be a place that we, especially the kiddos, can go barefoot in the summer so I think we have more work to do on the deck this year. I’m currently researching some deck sealing and repair products to find one that might help keep tiny feet from catching splinters.

As usual, I’ll keep you posted on what we choose and why. I can’t wait for warm (really warm) summer nights and dinners on the deck with no shoes on!

What about you? Any deck projects going on? Any new power tool purchases that you’re swooning over? Any outdoor spaces being neglected?


8 thoughts on “Under pressure

  1. Every once and awhile I check out your blog. Hope you don’t mind. You are a really creative woman! I just wanted to let you know that we just finished rebuilding our deck and we used Cabot stain from Lowes…love this stain. It went on so well. I’m eager to see how long it will last. We also bought some great post caps from lowes too. Our new favourite store. Great prices, great selection, great service..too bad it’s not Canadian. But 3 of 4 isn’t bad. All the best with your new addition. We’re expecting too and due in July.


    • Hey Laura!
      Of course I don’t mind. The blog is for anyone who wants to see what trouble we are getting into. 😉

      I’ll look into Cabot stain. I love Lowe’s too. There’s only one around here and it’s a not of a haul from our house, but it has lots of great stuff. Thanks for the tip!

      Good luck with baby. You must be getting so excited. Get all your projects done now!

  2. Hey Heath! another ambitious project…. oh to be 30 again 😦 Don’t forget before you stain to sand the wood. Often times the stain wont penetrate otherwise. The wood has a glazed effect from the planning process. Probably get by with a pole sander and some elbow grease.


  3. What a difference! I am not sure I ever consider decks a place for bare feet… I don’t like the feeling of it and ours gets a bit hot. Let me know if you have any luck as ours is newer and already showing problems

    • Ha! I think everywhere is a place for bare feet! As soon as the snow melts (sometimes sooner, I admit) I stop wearing socks, and I’m in sandals as soon as possible. Harrison is the same. And I want him to be able to run around in the grass, hop in and out of the kiddie pool, and up onto the deck without thinking about shoes.

      I’ll let you know what we decide!

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