Pin there. Done that.

I figured that my Stella party was the perfect excuse to try a new recipe, so I of course turned to my Pinterest board “Yum-O“.

My gut told me to try the Strawberry Iced Tea recipe I had pinned.

It is a super simple recipe and it was delicious.

Here’s how the original looked:

strawberry ice tea

And here’s what a pitcher of my version looked like:


Mine turned out a lot darker, even though I followed the recipe exactly.

If I made it again (and I will… it was delish!) I would use more tea bags to steep the tea. The recipe calls for 1 litre of chilled tea, and I measured the water, but then only used 2 tea bags. I think I’d use four next time. I let it steep/cool for quite a long time but the end result still ended up very strawberry, and not very “tea”, so I’d make that simple addition.

It also calls to blend the frozen strawberries. In my case, they turned into a sort of frozen paste, so next time I’d add the chilled tea and the frozen strawberries together to blend to get a nice smooth and fully blended strawberry.

I think the sweetness and lemon were just right.

Next time I’m making a double batch.


Anyone else trying out “pinned” recipes? I’m so glad this maternity leave is letting me get around to doing some of these things.


2 thoughts on “Pin there. Done that.

  1. I’ve never tried strawberry ice tea before. This sounds really interesting, I know there’s a lot of fruit iced-teas out there. Would love to give it a try! Sounds great for summer!

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