Friday finds


Doesn’t it?

Happy first day of summer! I’m hopeful this will be the beginning of the really nice weather for realz (yo). I’m looking forward to getting outside with the boys and enjoying the fleeting days of warmth that we get here in the Great White North.

Summer is one of my favourite things. Its right up there with peanut butter, and chocolate. Put them all together and I’m in. That’s what Annie did. I’ll be definitely testing out her recipe for Peanut Butter Smoothie.

On a completely different food-related note, one of our local specialty grocery stores has started selling Guinness-flavoured chips. I know there’s a beer drinker in my house that will be wanting to try these.


Found this adorable fabric as a new arrival at Tonic Living. How cute is that? And the name of the fabric is “thar she blows”. Ha! Makes me want to decorate the boys bathroom and use this fabric as a shower curtain.

Happy weekend! Hopefully I’ll be soaking up the sun.


4 thoughts on “Friday finds

  1. I love your Friday Finds posts. If you need someone to try that smoothie recipe out on I think I know someone šŸ™‚

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