Foster – Two months

Dear Foster,

This letter is overdue. But, if it makes you feel any better I walk around for the whole month just writing and re-writing these letters in my head until I can finally get around to writing them down. So technically, this letter was written a while ago.

As usual the weeks flew by. You’re growing by leaps and bounds. The month started off beautifully when you offered up your first smiles! What a welcome addition to your facial expressions – which are many.

You also got to meet your Grandma “At the Lake” this month. She flew in to snuggle you and help me out after Dad went back to work. Thank goodness for grandmas! And for family in general. Later in the month we packed up the car and headed to a McDonald family reunion where even more people got to snuggle you and love on you, including Auntie Amy and Uncy Stu who got to meet you for the first time. Later in the month you got to meet Great Grandma from Dartmouth as she came in to visit you and celebrate Grandma’s ordination. What a special day!

And all that snuggling and being looked at and cooed over must’ve tired you out because you had your first sleep all through the night while we were away at the family reunion for the weekend. That hotel must’ve made you feel right at home. Thanks for keeping that up when we got home. You’ve been sleeping well through the night ever since, with only a few growth spurts interrupting your usual full night’s sleep.

You love peek-a-boo and respond with smiles that start in the corner of your mouth or little squawks that just kill me with cuteness. You somehow make noise by inhaling, I think. It’s adorable. Sometimes I think you surprise yourself with the noise you make. Now that you’re giggling we often just laugh back and forth at each other. You laugh, then me, and that makes you laugh, and on it goes. (Your dad thinks we’re crazy).

In May we celebrated my first mother’s day as a mom of two. Thanks for making that happen. 🙂 I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy. Somehow you and your brother must’ve worked out a special secret brother eye signal or have some kind of brotherly intuition because sometimes when it’s just the three of us, you start crying and then he starts crying and I’m forced to choose who to comfort first. How do you guys do that? I’m sure this is just the beginning of the conspiring the two of you will get up to.

I guess it’s only natural that people have been asking me how you and your brother are alike. Especially being that you’re both boys, how do I see similarities and differences in the two of you? Well, you’re definitely louder and just generally noisier than Harrison was at this age. You squawk and squeak even in your sleep. Maybe you’ve already figured out that as the smallest in this house, you better make your presence known.

You’re bigger and have most definitely outgrown your brother at this age. You and I have had a much easier time in the feeding/eating department and I’m so glad that you’re getting what you need and growing and developing well.

And you like you’re soother. Your brother was a thumb kinda guy.

But here’s the thing, buddy, you’re not your brother and I don’t want you to be. I kinda dread answering the question when it’s asked because comparing you boys is only just for fun and amusement. It’s amazing how one couple can make two beings that get to do their own thing and can sometimes be so different. Genetics is cool. But there’s nothing to live up to. There’s no yardstick to measure against. Your dad and I want you to be your own person. We love you because you’re you. We always will.





Amy Stu and Foster

two months


2 thoughts on “Foster – Two months

  1. Lovely sentiments Heather, Yes it is amazing how 2 siblings can be so different in temperament .
    keep those letters coming even if they are late . Do you still write to Harrison these are loving reminders of their childhood that they will treasure forever. GG at the lake.

  2. You are a great writer! This is very sweet. I think it is natural to compare brothers but I love that you mentioned the importance of him being his own person! Love that bottom photo… so YHL-esque!

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