Friday finds

Hope everyone had a great and safe short week (Canadian or American).

Our whole house needs help, but the home office/computer desk could really use some organization. I’d say it’s the area we neglect the most. Enter Steven and Chris and their helpful tips on who to tackle it all and make it pretty.

If you’re a parent of a toddler or preschooler you’ve probably watched some Dora in your day. This thread on Reddit made me laugh multiple times. So. Many. Issues. But the kids love it so who are we to judge?

I played hockey, and soccer and pretty much every sport you can think of growing up, so I didn’t mind getting bumped once in a while. But I’m older now and more fragile. Injuries take longer to heal, and climbing the stairs (or getting out of bed) takes effort the day after a hard mediocre workout. These guys might be on to something.

And it’s summer. It’s wedding season. Love is in the air. Wait. That’s not love. Run!

wedding and robots

What a clever little combination of talents to make this fun photo for the couple. Here’s the source from the Facebook page, and the company website.

This weekend our project will be weather-dependent. Either painting Harrison’s room or repairing/refinishing the deck. Either way I’ll have a paint brush in my hand. The forecast is calling for rain so I have a feeling I’ll be indoors. What are you up to this weekend?


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