Foster – Three months

Dear Foster,

You’re getting so big, buddy! So big, I’ve put away all the 0-3 month clothing. You’re just so long. I’m glad it’s summer so I can put you in shorts and not pants that look like flood pants and like I’m a bad mother.

You’re getting stronger too. You’ve got much better control of your head and are holding it up pretty well. Good thing too because we start swimming lessons in the first week of July. You’ve also found your hands. Aren’t they amazing?! And you’re starting to do things with real intention, like reaching out for toys and turning your head to look around. It’s pretty uncoordinated intention, but that’s what makes it so cute.

You are really loving your play mat. You could lie and swat at that lion and elephant all day. When you get a hold of the stars hanging from the elephant the two of you have a standoff. You don’t quite know how to let go yet, and eventually you get tired and let him win let go.

Your dad was away on business for a week this month so I packed us all up and we headed for Nana and Papa’s house so they could help me wrangle you and your brother. We stopped in at Aunt Brenda’s for a visit on either end of the trip too so the car rides weren’t so long. You’re a great traveller, but boy do you dislike when the car stops moving. If you like to be on the move, I can’t wait to see what you’re like when you start rolling.

You’ve also taught us that you like to lie flat rather than be in the bouncy chair or even being held sometimes. Bending at the hips to relax? No thank you, you say. We’ve clued in – I imagine you’re thinking “finally I got through to these people!” – that you like to lie flat to sleep even for short naps so we’ve started putting you down in the play pen or on a blanket on the floor. And you love to sleep with your right hand up by your forehead as if you’re weary with the world. Yeah… you have it tough, kid. And it’s just so adorable, and a sure sign that you’re sleepy. I’m glad we’re communicating like that.

We celebrated Dad’s first Father’s Day as a dad of two. We had a nice family day together and snapped a few pictures of you and Harry with Dad.

You’ve been a great companion to me this month as we’ve gotten out a bit more. You were a champ when I took your brother to the splash pad. You just hung out in the stroller and then happily lazed on the picnic blanket during lunch. We also did some shopping at Yorkdale mall together. I hardly got any shopping done because everyone wanted to chat me up so they could get a good look at you. You’re sometimes reluctant to offer that first smile, but then you look at me and I give you the nod and then you make people melt when you flash your… well your gums.

In the looks department you certainly are a stunner! You are going bald though, as most babies who are born with hair do at your age. You’ve been looking around so much that you’ve worn a bald patch right at the back. It’s such a straight line. It looks like Harry took the clippers to you and got caught before he could finish the job. Let’s hope that doesn’t ever happen for real!

In July, we’ll be celebrating your first Canada Day, start our stroller fit class, and have our first swimming lesson. I hope you’ll love the water as much as I do.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us. I’m so glad you let me come along for the ride with you.






Father's Day

Three months


One thought on “Foster – Three months

  1. wonderful Heather, you are a good story teller , The boys ,when they are older, will love these memories written with such love and good humor.

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