Trim and Proper

I’m slowly making more progress on Harrison’s big boy room.

Call me crazy, but I decided that I’d had enough of the off-white trim in our house. The colour first started irking me after I painted our master bedroom Ocean Air. The crisp fresh blue just made the moulding seem dull and dated. So while I was at the paint store picking up the paint for Harrison’s room I also picked up a gallon of white paint for the trim. And the Internet said: You’re crazy.

I figured, what better place to start than with a room you’re about to paint? All the moulding, railings and doors in our house had been painted an off-white colour called Vellum by Sherwin Williams. And it suited the look the previous owners were going for. And I must admit that I’m impressed with her stick-to-it-iveness because all the trim and all the doors in the house were painted Vellum.


I thought I might regret the decision because I have a feeling it’ll be a slow process to change all the trim back, but boy am I glad I did.


It makes quite a difference. And really freshens up the room.


I still need to paint the closet doors and the bedroom door and the trim around it. I needed some help to get them off the hinges (and needed help corralling our cats so that we don’t have little paint paw prints in the room). Next up: painting the blue accent wall. I can’t wait!


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