Foster – Four months

Dear Foster,

Well! Just like that you’re not a little newborn anymore. On the Canada Day long weekend, it’s as if you just decided that you were done with all that newborn stuff, and you wanted to be a little baby.

You’re holding your head up really well now, and holding on when we hold you. You’ve been doing a great job sitting in your bumbo and even got to try the Jumperoo this month. To say you loved it would be an understatement. I’d never heard you giggle quite so much as when you first tried bouncing in that chair. It made me melt!

You’ve also learned to roll, and have rolled both from back to front (first) and then back to front. You don’t roll often, though. I guess you haven’t figured out the virtues of rolling and getting around on your own. We’ll call your first roll an early anniversary present to your dad and I as we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary the very next day.

We had a pretty busy month with a few play dates and park dates as well as our first stroller fit class, and your first swimming lesson. You like being in the water, though unfortunately the class time has been conflicting with your nap time. You are progressing well, though and adjusting to the water quicker every week. I love how laid back you are when we get to “hot pool time”. At one lesson you were pretty much asleep when I got chatting with one of the other moms. I don’t blame you kiddo. Hot tubs are for relaxing.

And of course, I can’t forget to tell you had your first trip to the zoo. You were a bit young to really appreciate the animals but you were there (along with Harrison) and you were a trooper. It was soo hot that day. I mean crazy hot, like 43 degrees in the shade hot. The air was so humid. It was kind of a crazy thing for us to do, but you just hung out in your stroller, and took it all in. I dunked your bucket hat into some water to keep you cool and that seemed to keep you cool and happy. Thanks for being such an awesome adventurer with me and (although you have no choice right now) following me and smiling all the while.



canadian cutie

squeeze me




four months


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