Table Before and After

“Stuff” is conspiring to keep me from totally finishing Harrison’s big boy room (time, weather, motivation?), but that’s ok, because the delay has given me the perfect excuse to catch you up on some of the other projects that we’ve been doing around here, that I haven’t blogged about yet.

You may recall that I found this table and chairs set on Kijiji (waaay back) with the intention of making them over some day. Well that day has come. We came to a consensus about how to finish it and then I put Roland to work while he was on paternity leave with me in the first few weeks after Foster was born. So, it only took us (almost exactly) a year to get our act in gear. But, hey… I wanted to be really sure I would love it.

Here’s the before. A solid oak pedestal table with 4 Windsor-style chairs in a blonde oak finish.

pedestal table and windsor chairs

This is the image I used as inspiration and solidified my decision.

And here’s the table now:

Table after

I love it! So glad we committed to the black. It looks great in the kitchen. The table was complete in a few days. The cool April weather we were having made the stripping and stain drying times a little bit longer than they would be under ideal conditions, but it turned out amazingly well. We (and by we I mean Roland) just had to be patient between steps.

It’s tough to capture the colour on my camera. The photo below makes it look a bit lighter than it is in real life. We used Minwax Dark Walnut stain to re-stain the top.

table close up

table closer up

The pedestal base was sprayed in Black glossy finish. And we did the chairs the same (that’s a story for another day!)

I love that the little vertical bits on the under side of the table were kept stained and the rest was sprayed. In a weird way I think it makes the table look more expensive. Every once in a while Roland has a good idea.

So there you have it. Now you know about our table and chairs make-over. What do you think? I’m so impressed with how it turned out and how great it looks considering this was Roland’s first attempt at stripping and re-staining a piece of furniture (and because the weather was uncooperative). I’m so proud!

(I’ll try to get a better shot another day).


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