Two Wheels Short of a Stroller

I don’t think that’s really an expression, but it could be now.

We have left Ontario for a short little family getaway to the East Coast. We arrived safely, but found that the two front wheels of our stroller, that we gate-checked, were missing when we touched down at our destination.

We have already managed to find replacement parts but boy was that a frustrating start to our vacation.

Anyway, the rest is going to be awesome. The weather is already making me forget about the piles of laundry at home!

I didn’t get a chance to get the video of the room reveal up on the blog before we left, so you’ll have to wait for that until I get back.

I’ll be back for a Friday Finds and maybe something early next week. If you just can’t get enough of us (or are curious to find out what will go wrong next) follow our adventures. I’ll be on Instagram. Follow me: heatheroleary
to join in on the fun.

(Unsuspecting travelers.)


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