Harrison’s HGTV-Style Room Reveal

I’m back and I’m not sorry that I didn’t post at all last week. We had an amazing family vacation. We managed to cram in lots of activities, but also had lots of down time to relax. We visited with family, attended a wedding, and had absolutely beautiful weather the whole time. When we returned home I packed up again, or maybe just half unpacked, and piled the kids into the car for a fun day at the Toronto zoo. So the lack of posts just means an abundance of awesome family memories and good times for me. But don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans on all that good stuff soon. But, first let’s get to some unfinished business. I didn’t have a chance to finish up the video of Harrison’s room reveal before we left for our vacation (did you know it takes a long time to “prepare” a video in iMovie?), but I’ve done it now, so here it is.

It’s not every day that you get to do a room reveal (at least I don’t), so I thought it would be fun to keep Harry out of his room after a certain point in the process so that I could show off a more finished version to him and there would be some anticipation and surprise. The last time he’d been in the room the walls had been painted, but there was pretty much nothing else in the room.

Note: My iPhone stopped filming shortly after starting because I had run out of space on my iPhone. Oops! I have since dumped my photos and videos into iPhoto so I can keeping snapping.

There’s still lots more to do, but I think he likes it!


7 thoughts on “Harrison’s HGTV-Style Room Reveal

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