Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh my!

Our day at the zoo. More perfect weather and a good day all around.

Ready to go

Leading the way

First stop was to see the panda exhibit. We saw signs at the entrance that there was a “last admission” time for the pandas and worried that there might be a line, even though we had arrived pretty early. Turns out we were early enough to not have to wait at all to get in to the exhibit. But, I’m glad we went there as our first stop anyway.

close encounter

Not too sure what Harry is doing here, but it’s cute. We then actually got to see the real pandas that are on loan to the zoo for five years.

panda playtime

This is the best picture I could get with my camera. It was so sunny I could hardly tell what I was focussing on. There was a tree and a fence in the way and I didn’t want to spend too much time trying to capture a good picture. This guy was pretty cute, though. He was playing with a ball while we were there. Kinda like panda tether ball. Ha ha!


This is just a glimpse of the crowd at the panda exhibit so we peeked, but didn’t stay long. Our next stop, as per Harrison’s request was the polar bears. These gals might’ve been my favourite animals of the day since they were so entertaining.



After the underwater view, we headed up to check her out from above. Here’s my sister in-law, Amy (who thankfully tagged along!) giggling about the polar bear doing what seemed to be a routine. She’d dive down in front of the glass windows below and swim up along the wall showing everyone her belly and come up on her back.

view from the top

She’d then laze along and push off a rock. Roll over and do it again. Very entertaining.

morning exercises

We found ourselves a less crowded viewing area for the polar bears. Foster slept for most of our trip to the zoo.

Foster unimpressed

After the polar bears we were off to find the moose. On the morning of the trip I asked Harrison what animal he most wanted to see and he said without hesitation, “moose!” I was just hoping the zoo had a moose or two. Luckily they did. Unluckily, they are far removed (read: 15 minute walk from polar bears down a steep hill and around a bend) from everything else. Also, when we got there all he? was doing was sitting there in the shade. This picture makes it look like we had a nice view, but that’s just super zoom lens trickery.

boring moose

This is more like what we saw. Can you see the moose? Yeah. Neither could we. (He’s just to the right of the fence post in the shady area)

moose view

Before we left the “Canada” area we stopped to check out the grizzlies who must’ve known it was almost feeding time (as per the schedule), because they were out showing off for the crowd.


After Amy and I took turns pushing the stroller back up the ginormous hill, we decided it was time for a sustenance break. On our way to find a picnic area we found the white lions so we stopped for a photo op with these rare, and very beautiful, big cats.

white lion

Foster woke up to have lunch with us. Here he is giving me a hint at what animal he’d like to see.

Foster with Giraffe

We did see giraffes, but I didn’t get any great pictures of them. After lunch, we decided that searching out the elephants was a good way to end our trip so off we trekked. And we had perfect timing. As we approached just one elephant was visible. We moved around to get a better view of her? and out waltzed another one, walking very nearby to us. Harry was impressed!

perfect timing

Foster was too.

happy Foster

He managed to stay awake for elephant viewing, but not long enough to be awake for our family photo on the way out.

family photo

Harry got a panda bear stuffy to commemorate his visit.

tuckered out

He snuggled in with Panda and his favourite “Brown Bear” and was asleep in the back of the car before I had left the parking lot!

So much fun! Toronto Zoo really is a great zoo. We hardly even scratched the surface of what there is to see.

Anyone else visit a zoo with the kiddos this year? I have to admit, I think I enjoyed it as much as he did.


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