Friday Finds

Woot! Long weekend. For many, this is the last weekend before back to school. I can’t believe the unofficial end to summer is thisclose.

And so, perhaps we should savour each moment. Enjoy the last hurrah and go ahead and “forget your phone” this weekend.

Love this idea for perfectly personalized parties (or just whenever).

Putting these cute cookie cutters on my wishlist. (PS: My birthday is coming up).

I’m a little bit obsessed with chalk art these days. So, I’m really loving these prints.

allyouneed chalk art

This post pretty much blew my mind. 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World (and/or melt your brain. Number 12! Number 17?)

How to MacGyver the perfect sized rug. With a paper clip.

How to make a frame – Good instructions. Giving me confidence.

Amusing post about “The Things I Said I’d Never Do” (as a parent). Been there!

And finally – get out the Kleenex. Make sure the box is full. You’re gonna need it. A Letter from Fred (Sweet Lorraine).

Have a wonderful long weekend. Good luck to everyone going back to school on Tuesday!


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