Foster – Five Months

Dear Foster,

It is really amazing being a mom for the second time. I was a little worried that mini-milestones like finding your feet, grasping at objects, or rolling over would sort of pass us by like “Hey look, he just sat up!” or “How did he get a hold of that?”. But instead, I get to experience them all again with the same joy and excitement as I did the first time. That’s a great little unexpected gift of the second child. At least it was a surprise to me.

We had a busy month. We took you on your first airplane ride. You were an absolutely amazing little traveller. You hardly squeaked or squawked the whole time, including waiting in the terminal, and travel time at the end of the journeys. You happily lazed or dozed in the carrier. You were so good I’ll probably let you travel with me again!

Our trip to Nova Scotia was great. I know you won’t remember it, but you got to meet most of dad’s family who were all waiting with open arms (literally) to welcome you and cuddle you. You were a definite hit.

During the trip you added a new sound to your repertoire. You started squealing with delight. What an awesome sound. It’s one of those great “experience it for the first time all over again” moments I was talking about. That squeal is music to my ears.

I was going to write about how you rolled over, and then never did it again, like they were just on your to-do list.

Roll over back to front. Check!

Roll over front to back. Check!

What’s next?

But, you surprised me again, when just at the end of August you started rolling again. Good job, bud. You’re on the move now!

You were a great little guy all month long. You tagged along on our outings in Nova Scotia, on our trip to the zoo, a few trips to the park and the pool, a birthday party, a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory with “aunt” Laurie, and Nolan, Blake and Kelley, and of course Great Grandma’s wedding.

You had a little tooth kinda popping up. There was definitely a white cap, a LOT of drooling, and some uncomfortableness, but no action on the tooth. Just as quickly as it appeared, it has gone again.

After our return from Nova Scotia, you started napping in the crib in the nursery, and then a few overnights. You’re just about moved in now that Harrison is settled in his room too. You’re growing up so fast!

August marked the end of our stroller fit class, and your first swimming lessons. You got your first report card and passed with flying colours. I’m so proud! I’ve already signed us up for another session of swimming, and I’m plotting more weekly activities to help us get out of the house and to keep you entertained through the fall.

I’m looking forward to all the new milestones I’ll get to share with you this month!



Swinging a punch

brotherly love

at the wedding

sleeping on the wharf

with grandma at the lake

happy traveller

play time

Foster five months


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