New Year. New Projects.

As I mentioned on Friday I feel like September is kind of like a new year. Even as a grown up (what? not me!) not returning to school of any kind, I still feel like you get to start anew in September. We had a great summer, and the blog has been chronicling mostly family updates as a result. But that has also meant that projects have temporarily been put on hold.

We got Harrison’s room to a “reveal” and he-can-now-sleep-in-it state, but not much has changed since the reveal. Over the summer I’ve been stocking up on good deals when I come across them, and finding things here and there (like the fabric for my kitchen) with projects in mind, but I spent the summer soaking up sun and family time.

That means I’ve got a long want-to-do list for this fall. So bear with me this September while I jump around from room to room with little updates here and there.

Here’s a general idea of what I’m planning to accomplish this month:

  • Adding some finishing touches to Harrison’s room
  • A couple projects to spruce up the foyer
  • A mini kitchen update

And with that in mind, I’ll let you know that we’ve already started the mini kitchen makeover. And when I say mini makeover I really mean it. I’m talking tiny little cosmetic updates and finishing touches. The kitchen had been recently renovated when we moved in almost three years ago and there’s no need to renovate. Just update.

light before

That’s our light over the table before. Nothing offensive or terrible by any stretch, but it was pretty traditional. We’d been wanting to replace our kitchen light fixture for some time, so when West Elm had a lighting sale we jumped on it and ordered the 3 Jar Chandelier we’d been eyeing. We installed it at the heights as it came in the box, and lived with it for a while, and then decided that it definitely needed to come down some more. And now its just perfect.

light after

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Did I mention I love it? It was tough for me to get a good picture of it, so I had to close the blinds so that you could see it.

Here’s a photo of it washed out to give you a sense of the room from a wider angle.

after wide shot

Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “New Year. New Projects.

  1. Question- What did you do with your old fixture? I actually want something like that for our kitchen. What is the finish on it and how many bulbs does it hold?

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