Kitchen starting point

Any good project needs a few “before” pictures. First, you can take a look at how the kitchen looked when we moved in almost three years ago, and a few snaps after we painted the kitchen. So here’s what my kitchen looks like today.

kitchen before1



Confession time: my kitchen doesn’t usually look like this. This is if-the-queen-were-coming-over clean. There’s usually fruit in a basket, mail on the counter, and dishes in the sink. Because they just.don’t.quit.

kitchen before5

Here’s the bulkhead wall above the railing that looks down onto our family room. It’s the most wall space (the only wall space) we have in the whole kitchen. And it just sits there all blank-like taunting me and begging me to decorate it. I’ve had a few ideas about what to put up there. I was originally going to frame some large photos of red fruit (because that’s the accent colour I want the most in the kitchen), but I guess I wasn’t 100% in love with that idea because I’ve taken the pictures and never went ahead and had them printed and framed. Then I saw these butcher chart prints at Z Gallerie and was waiting for a sale to snatch up all three, but again, a sale came and went and I didn’t pull the trigger so I guess I was having some doubts.

I liked the idea of the red fruit photos, because I could change them seasonally (or at least summer/winter). I liked the butcher prints because they were food/kitchen themed. Then, I had an idea. “How about chalkboards?” I said to myself. Self, that’s a great idea!

So here’s the plan (roughly):

kitchen before4

I’ll be able to change the boards to my whim and keep everything from Harrison’s masterpieces to my grocery list up there. I think I’m gonna love it.

Another part of the kitchen makeover is going to include a little bit of organizing, because this is happening:

kitchen before8

I have a baking dish that’s supposed to corral a few frequently used kitchen items like, olive oil, salt and pepper, but it has devolved into a catch all for clutter.

And this galvanized bucket has been used all over our house and is currently being used to hold our utensils, but I have something else in mind.

kitchen before 7

Other plans include possibly adding a runner in front of the sink and finally sewing up that valance from the fabric I found over the summer. I’ll be working on that this week.


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