The OK (kitchen) corral

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a wonderful visit, though short, with my mom, attended my sister-inlaw’s wedding shower, and got caught up on Breaking Bad – EXCEPT for last night’s episode. If you’ve seen it, I can’t speak to you.

I have a quick little update to share with you today. Just a little kitchen organizing and re-arranging to show you as I make my way through our kitchen mini-makeover.

Roland and the boys bought me a set of red Kitchenaid bakeware for Mother’s Day this year, and I knew that one of the dishes wouldn’t be seeing much of the inside of the oven. (I think we got it when it went on sale for 60 or 70% off. Don’t you love when Canadian Tire does that?)

kitchen corral

I’ve corralled our most used cooking items in the gorgeous deep red dish. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper. They are perfectly in reach when I’m at the stove.


I also picked up the Crate and Barrel Homestead Utensil Crock to keep all our utensils close at hand too. I love being able to see what’s there and just grabbing for it, rather than searching through a drawer with spoons and spatulas all mixed up. The link says it’s $25 CAD, but I’m sure it was only $20 when I picked it up in the store. Maybe it was on sale? Either way, I love it! So glad I snagged the last one in the store. I love that it has replaced the galvanized bucket we were using before. This is so much easier than the tapered bucket was, and I think it looks pretty sharp too!

Oh, AND, since bakeware can sometimes scratch stone countertops, I placed a little bit of no-slip paper that I had on hand from Home Depot, to keep the bakeware in place.

no slip

And, one last thing to keep it neat and tidy, I placed a paper towel inside to catch any drips, and put our pepper grinder in a ramekin to keep the little pepper crumbs all in one place, so I won’t be having to clean out the dish constantly. It should keep it a little cleaner a little longer.

pepper ramekin

A little dish goes a long way. Just in time to get me in the mood for fall cooking. Soups and crock pots here I come!


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