A hammock for Horton

Harrison has so.many.stuffed animals.

So we thought they needed a spot of their own in his new room. We picked up and installed? this little hammock for his “friends” that stay in his room.


We named the elephant Horton ages ago – we name all of his animals – and he is happily lazing in the hammock up there in this photo.

Harry actually really loves this little corner. He has more than once asked to nap in his “special spot”, so we set him up with a pillow and a few blankets and he sleeps tucked up in the corner with his friends watching over him.

I’m just pleased they’re not all over the floor.


3 thoughts on “A hammock for Horton

  1. I used to have these when I was a child. I had one in each corner of my room. I am 23 years old now and I need to get one for my apartment, I just love stuffed animals 🙂

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