The twins have arrived

And in fact, you can even snuggle with these twins, but they’re not of the baby variety. But that doesn’t make me want to hug and kiss them and coo over them any less. Is that weird?

Back in mid-July I ordered a pair of chairs on Joss & Main.

When I first saw them I liked the look of them, and to my surprise, Roland agreed. We do our best not to bring anything into the house that the other doesn’t completely agree on so I was so glad that he liked the chairs too. So, with his “ok”, I googled around to see if I could find them anywhere else  to find out if the price was good, better or best and, if possible, to read some reviews.

I was able to find the chairs on Overstock and Amazon, and the reviews were positive overall, so from there we were go for ordering.

I had them shipped to my mom and she visited on the weekend and was kind enough to deliver the twins.

the twins

I love how they look in the room. They add some much-needed seating, and look great with our sofa. They are tailored and comfy and just the right size for the space.

chair detail

And the best part was how much of a deal they were. We paid $350 for both chairs including tax! That’s less than today’s Overstock price for just one chair! I couldn’t pass up this steal, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

The room is really starting to come together now. I’d like to add some side tables, and maybe a lamp for reading in the chair on the left. I also need to figure out some toy storage (see bottom left corner of the first photo – that’s a cardboard box holding toys). We need more “stuff” on the walls, too. But for now I’m just glad we don’t have to all stuff into the couch when we have company over.


7 thoughts on “The twins have arrived

  1. Heather they look great. About a toy box , how about a wicker trunk or a suede or leather ottoman , maybe a round or oval one . and a brass tray to echo whatever shape you choose on the top. You also need a brass piece , long and tall on the f/p shelf where the long low dish is displayed. maybe a giraffe just saying;-) love gram

  2. Love the chairs. I would go with something dark for toy storage. Doesn’t the room already have an ottoman with a lid? Or are you trying not to use it for toys?

    • The room does have a storage ottoman, which is currently housing diapering supplies, but I’m finding that it’s just as easy to take the baby up to his room to change him. So I’m thinking the ottoman will probably go back to housing toys.

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