Friday Finds

Hope everyone is having a great week.

We had a wonderfully warm week here and I got out of the house lots to take advantage of my favourite-est weather. Crisp mornings and sunny warm afternoons. Absolutely heavenly! We had highs in the mid-20s this week. So, what did I do? I also ordered our Christmas cards. (Let’s not forget we’re less than 100 days away!) I ordered mine from Tiny Prints because they had an “earlybird special” promotion and I saved 25%. Sweet!  I love this sparkly-backed one, but we opted for a version with multiple photos this year.

Fall is my absolute favourite time to shop for clothes. I’ve been restraining myself since I’m on a maternity leave budget, but I’m pretty sure this foxy sweater needs to be mine.

Love this design lesson on mixing warm and cool tones from Third Floor Design Studio.

Could this be the future of our phones? (video)

I’m super excited to watch Sarah Richardson’s new series Real Potential (yes, it aired Thursday night, but I’m writing this post before it aired).

And finally, a video from my alma mater. A message direct to Elon Musk (renowned entrepreneur and “big thinker”).

Have a great weekend. Tonight I’m hosting a little Girl’s Night In to celebrate my birthday (a few days early) and we are cleaning up our garage to prep for fall/winter, but mostly to make room for the delivery of our materials for our master bathroom reno. Details to come! EEK! I’m excited.


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