Pink and Pretty (Easy) Girls’ Night In

I decided that for my birthday this year, I just wanted to hang out at home with my friends. But, I’m never one to miss an opportunity to “throw” a party, so I decided that since it was my birthday I’d pretty it up with a bit of pink.

Girls' night in | To London With Love

Friends were invited after dinner, so only drinks and sweets were on the menu. I couldn’t think of a better colour for a Girls’ Night In than pink, so I landed on that, and a little brown is a perfect compliment to pink. Plus its the colour of chocolate. So there’s that.

I strolled the aisles of Bulk Barn for all things pink and brown for snacks. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more pink only candy bins to choose from, but still found more than enough to overflow my bowls with pink sweets.

sweet food

Along with sour strawberries and watermelons, I found some pink Mike and Ike. For chocolate/brown I had teddy cookies, clodhoppers and my personal favourite – chocolate covered pretzels. Harry helped me make the confetti cupcakes (from a box, obviously) and my friend Megan came over early and helped me ice the cupcakes and sprinkle the pink sugar on top. For a couple more options I included these cheesecake bites that I found at Costco, along with a new vice favourite Chicago Mix Popcorn. Oh dear… I was skeptical at first but it is so darn good. Have you tried it? It’s cheese and caramel popcorn in one bag.

I welcomed everyone with a welcome shot of pink. I just coloured some Polar Bears (equal parts creme de menthe and creme de cacao) pink with food colouring and poured them into these sweet little mini martini glasses I found at the dollar store.

welcome shot

Once you were adequately “welcomed” the bar included rosé, pink cocktails and red and white wine.

drink bucket

I even found a rosé that was called “Girls Night Out” and even though this was a Girls’ Night In, I thought it fit, because technically I was the only one who stayed in, everyone else was in fact “out” at my house.

pick your poison

I made up a little sign that said pick your poison in pink and embellished it with a little pink chevron scrapbook paper that I had.

As for the decor, I kept it really simple. For the drink table and the sweets table I just laid down some wrapping paper that I found at the dollar store. I lined the welcome shot drink tray with a “Birthday Girl” wrapping paper that I found at the Dollar Store too.

poms and banner

I made my own tissue poms and hung them from the ceiling fan. I found a free printable banner online and printed out the pink version to spell out HAPPY ★ BIRTHDAY!


And voila! A super simple Girls’ Night In.


5 thoughts on “Pink and Pretty (Easy) Girls’ Night In

  1. I love that you had fun planning and decorating for your own party. You say you just printed off the banner but did you cut the angles at the bottom? printed white letters on pink paper?
    ps happy belated birthday. Are the yellow prints on the wall in the white frames paintings? nice balance with the pillows for your new white chairs, so brave to get white with wees ones.

    • Hey Tracy, I had so much fun planning my party. Who better to know what to get than me? Haha
      I didn’t cut the angles at the bottom, the banner came designed that way. I printed off the pink version (alphabet available in four colours) on card stock that I have on hand. Well… I guess technically I cut them out, but I printed them onto white paper.

      The paintings on the wall in the white frames are a DIY from last summer. Here’s the tutorial:

      And so far, the kids have left the chairs alone. It’s the cats I need to worry about! Haha

      xo H

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