Foster – Six months

Dear Foster,

Wow! Another big month for the books. Lots of outings and activities and you just seem to be so big now. You’re definitely no longer a little baby. You’re such a happy little guy and have a sweet personality.

In early September we had a visit from the Schmidts from BC and you decided you didn’t want to miss it so you woke up for a quick hello mid-sleep – from your own room, might I add. That’s right,  you’ve moved into your own room, and it was a super easy transition.

As far as outings go, we took advantage of some beautiful fall weather and got out for walks a lot, and I took you to your first movie. We saw The Butler. You were pretty good in the theatre, just a little squirmy that day!

You’re loving your bumbo these days and are getting pretty good at taking your soother out. You’re having a harder time getting it back in, though. Most of the time you try to put it in backwards.

I’d say that probably the biggest milestone you hit this month is that you have entered into the world of solid foods. You took to eating very quickly and have shown an awesome appetite. You’ve tried all the grains (oats, rice, barley and wheat), and slurped them up well. Barley was your least favourite, but you still eat it like a champ. I also introduced you to chicken, beef, avocado and banana. Of those, banana was your least favourite. Hmm I’ll have to try that one again later.

You’re also showing a lot of interest in moving objects. Namely, Kilger who often comes to see you when you’re playing on the floor, and Harrison. You’re quite fascinated with Kilger, and you get this look on your face like you’re wondering how that stuffed animal is moving around on his own. As for Harrison, I think you recognize yourself in him, or something like that. You are enchanted by everything he does. This is absolutely amazing for me to witness. You guys are at just the beginning stages of interacting now and to see you laughing at your brother walking by is heart-meltingly awesome. I can only imagine this is the tip of the iceberg.

I can’t believe you’re six months old already. That’s half a year of getting to know awesome little you. I’m so lucky! You rock my world little Sprout.



September Foster 2

September Foster 3

September Foster

September Foster 1

September Foster 4

new hat

my birthday

six months


3 thoughts on “Foster – Six months

  1. Lovely Heather, enjoy every moment . It goes so fast. I’m with Foster on the bananas. Tho’ barley and kasha are my favourite grains. GG at the lake.

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