What a week!

It’s already Thursday and I’m just popping in to say that I haven’t fallen off the earth.

I’m flying solo this week parenting-wise as husbandman has left for the week “on business”. Why the quotations? Because he is currently in California at a resort for a work-type retreat/brainstorming/idontknowwhat. I don’t feel too sorry for him.

This week is doubly busy because not only do I have to wrangle two kiddos, but also a bathroom reno. Yep! Our master bathroom reno has begun! That means I’m doing the ‘ol “While You Were Out” on husbandman. Except he knows that it’s happening, he’s just asking for no spoilers before he gets home on Saturday. Remember that show?

I had big plans this week to blog about our Thanksgiving weekend, preview and rundown our bathroom project, and maybe even a project post before Friday Finds, but alas, that’s not how this cookie has crumbled this week.

Day one of bathroom reno (Tuesday because of the Thanksgiving holiday) was tear out day. And we hit snag number one. Let’s just say that on Tuesday morning I had two functioning showers in my house, and by end of day I had zero. Blarg. Baths for everyone!

Day two was not a disaster either but the electrician’s job was made much more difficult (and lengthy) because of the over-zealous use of spray foam insulation. And in the comedy of errors that this brought on, our kitchen island counter top – on a completely different level of the house than my master bathroom – was scratched! And there’s another story I get to tell you!

Who knows what “excitement” day three will bring? Only time will tell.

I hope you are all having a great week.

I’ll leave you with a few snaps from our Thanksgiving weekend. It was glorious. Beautiful weather, lots of fun family time and de-lish food!


picking apples from papas tree


thanksgiving parade


8 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. I hope the rest of your renovations goes more smoothly, I’m sure it will be worth it when finished. Great photos, your Dad looks great.

  2. Busy girl , can really relate as John was always away on courses for his company in our early days , but like you I got an awful lot done without debate. and had 2 kids as well. Keep us in the loop with your reno and take lots of pictures as it progresses for future reference as to where behind the tile and gyprock, the pipes and connections and electrical wiring routes are. Just in case there is ever a problem or at least for the next owners. love GATL

    • Well… I’m not sure how much I’M getting done, I’m just treading water. But you know I’m taking pictures! I’ve got every day covered! And you’ll hear all about it, whenever it’s finally done!


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