Mummified Juice

Sounds gross. Looks awesome.

I did a super simple craft to get ready for a little Hallowe’en Party I’m hosting on Thursday for Foster and his friends.

You only need a few items and it took me about 15 minutes to do.

Juice Jug Mummy

You’ll need:


  • A juice jug (I have two from our wedding lemonade stand, but you can find them at all sorts of stores. HomeSense or a party supply store would be a good bet at this time of year).
  • White crepe paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors and tape (not pictured)

Start by washing out your container so it’s ready for use.

lemonade jug

Find the end of your white crepe paper and tape it to jug near the bottom at the back. The location doesn’t really matter if you’re using a clear tape, but I like having my “seam” at the back.

Begin to wind it around your jug overlapping as you go. Keep the crepe paper taught but not too tight so as to tear it.

You can start to go in an irregular pattern around the jug to give you more depth and varying lines. Once you have covered your jug and are happy with how its looking finish by ending the crepe paper at the back. For this step you don’t even need to tape the end you can just tuck it into one of the folds that you’ve created.

Your jug should look something like this.

half way mummy

Now it’s time to add the eyes and the mouth.

Draw a couple of eyes onto black construction paper. If you’re afraid to freehand draw them you could trace a circle and cut in half to get to semi-circle eyes. Cut them out and tape, glue or tuck them onto your mummy.

Do the same for the mouth, drawing, cutting, then attaching. I chose to draw a stitched mouth, but you could draw a round shape for an open mouth, a scream a smirk.. whatever you like.

mummy complete

Ta-dah! You’ve got a mummy head ready to be filled with juice! As you can see, my drink dispenser has an irregular lid, so I chose not to paper over it. I figured this would also be good for when I actually go to fill it for the party as well. If your jug has a smoother lid than mine you can go ahead and paper over that too for a fully finished look.

You could also mummify a chip bowl or other rounded object if you don’t have a drink dispenser but want to try this out. You could also use this technique to turn your jug or rounded object into a ninja if you used black crepe paper and different coloured eyes and maybe add a red bandana around the eyes for extra effect!

Have fun! I love Hallowe’en and can’t wait for Thursday. If you try this project I’d love to see how yours turns out. Send me the link in the comments.


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