Fall Bucket List Update – October

Another month has gone (almost) already. We’ve had tons of fun and crossed off a few more items on our fall bucket list. In fact, we’ve done lots of other activities that weren’t officially on the list too, like visiting my side of the family for Thanksgiving, taking the kids to the Oktoberfest parade and an impromptu get together with friends.


Since our last update Harrison got to enjoy the beautiful weather and the bounty of fall leaves in my dad’s garden.

Harrison’s preschool made a field trip to the pumpkin patch and Foster and I tagged along. He got to pick out a pumpkin there and take it home. Then he and I made another trip to the pumpkin patch and he picked out a pumpkin for each member of the family and he decided to paint rather than carve his pumpkin.

After carving our other pumpkins we roasted the seeds and made a sweet and spicy version.

And, I made an apple crisp using apples from my dad’s trees. Those apples are so juicy!

Only a few more items on the list! I hope your fall is full of memory-making moments like ours has been. I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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