Friday Finds

Hope everyone had a great Hallowe’en. Ours was a very (very) soggy one, but that didn’t seem to damper Harry’s spirit as he darted across our neighbourhood yelling “Mom, that house has a light on!”, and then toddling up to the door. He had so much fun even though it was wet and we only made it to a few houses. I’ll post a few pictures of our Hallowe’en shenanigans another day.

Today is Friday so that means it’s time for Friday Finds!

In the spirit of Hallowe’en I thought I’d start off with some eye candy… and a bad pun.

A great collaboration from two of my favourite blogs (The Handmade Home and Iron & Twine). A DIY firepit.

Fire Pit, DIY, Handmade Home (7)

I’m dreaming of something like this for our backyard too, so it’s nice to see that it seems simple enough to accomplish.

My cousin sent me these lists of Things Only ’80s Girls Understand and Things Only ’90s Girls Understand and I can totally relate. I guess I bridged the gap between the two decades. Also… my Cabbage Patch Kid was named Dolores Medora. What a name!

Speaking of the ’80s did you know how many stars got their start on Miami Vice? At least 27.

I’m a redhead so I’m basically a majestic unicorn, and 20 other reasons being a redhead is awesome.

Things you should be buying at Costco this season.

This guy loses me on the 5th line of this song, but it’s awesome. If you know nothing about string theory (like me), I think you’ll still be impressed by this song.


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