Bathroom Beginnings

You guys! I’m so excited to tell you that yesterday was the last day that any work took place in our house related to our master bathroom renovation. I’m super excited that no one is coming to my house today. And I’m so so so glad that the pictures you’re about to see feel like a distant memory already.

But first…

When we moved into our house we knew that it was in great shape. The two previous families had taken excellent care of it. Some of the house had already been updated (the kitchen, for example) and other areas that hadn’t been updated had been well-maintained. That said, the bathrooms are all a bit dated. The previous owners had painted or wallpapered the walls, even painted vanity cabinets and updated light fixtures but for the most part the bathroom fixtures in all of our bathrooms are original to the house. That means lots of grey and bisque coloured toilets and sinks etc.

Waaay back in the spring Roland and I started talking about renovating our master bathroom. At the time it made the most sense to hire out the work since I was pregnant and/or going to be with a newborn when the work would eventually get started. Fast forward to August and we still haven’t had any work done. In any case, we had gone down the road of hiring the work, and given the scope of the project – nothing is as simple as you think it’s going to be – it’s probably a good idea that we left this job to the professionals.

So without further ado, here are a few pictures of how the bathroom looked the day before demo started.

bathroom before

bathroom before 2

So, what was the plan?

  • Remove and replace all the fixtures: shower (goodbye space tube!), grey toilet, vanity, and drawer cabinet.
  • Replace the floors with ceramic tile floors. (Currently peel and stick) See what I mean about how the bathrooms had been updated, but not renovated?
  • Electrical work to terminate a receptacle (above drawer cabinet) and to install a new fan.
  • Build out the wall and install an acrylic shower base, tiled shower walls, and glass sliding doors.
  • Paint the walls.
  • Hang a new mirror above the vanity

And it’s all done! But not without a few hiccups along the way (that I mentioned before), and this week I’m going to take you all along for the ride that I got to take over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy.

You’ve got to admit that without even seeing the results this has the makings of a great before and after, right?


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