Foster – Seven months

Dear Foster,

Your seventh month was kicked off in style at your very own half-birthday party. I invited some of your friends over for brunch to celebrate that you are half way to a year old already! This mini-milestone had lots of people asking me if I was sad that our time together was half over. And though, yes the thought of that makes me sad, I know that we have so much more fun ahead of us. I’m trying not to wish our days away.

This month we celebrated your first Thanksgiving. Once again you were a great little traveller as we made our way to Nana and Poppa’s house for a family dinner. You literally didn’t make it past the front door at Thanksgiving dinner before being scooped up for snuggles from my aunts.

Most of my family couldn’t believe how big you had gotten since they saw you last in May. And it’s true you’re growing so big. You’re just flying through the stored bins of clothes that your brother wore. In fact, you’re already in some of the Christmas sleepers that Harry wore. I’m hoping they’ll still fit you at Christmas this year. If not, new PJs for you buddy!

We made it back to KW in time to take you to your first parade. It was my first Oktoberfest parade too!

You’re continuing to show me that you’re a great eater. This month you’ve tried more foods like fish (sole), peas, carrots, corn, and apples. Oh, and how could I forget?! You also tried Mum Mum crackers and to say you love them would not be an understatement. I handed you your first piece and you knew exactly what to do with it. You had it gone in just a few seconds. Sometimes you eat them so fast that if I look away I check your chair or the floor to see if you’ve really just dropped it. So far, that hasn’t been the case. You just pound those melting crackers back! You even like the banana ones. Go figure.

You’ve also been loving your toys. You’re interacting with them a lot. Passing them from hand to hand and reaching out for them. You’ll even reach out for a toy when we’re at swimming lessons. You’re really loving the water this session and kick your cute little feet and have even got your hands going in the last couple weeks.

You and Harry spent an evening with my aunt Brenda this month as your dad and I went to celebrate aunt Megan’s wedding! I was a little reluctant since you’ve decided that you want nothing to do with taking a bottle, but we practiced without being fed by me for a few days before and you seemed to be fine with food in cereal form so I crossed my fingers and left you and Harry with Brenda. I’m told you guys were both perfect angels. Your dad and I were gone for about 9 hours. That’s the longest you and I have been apart!

With Halloween approaching I thought we should practice your sitting skills, since I thought it would be nice to get some pictures of you in your costume sitting up. So for a week or so before Halloween when it was play time I’d sit you down on the floor instead of laying you down, and prop you up with lots of pillows behind you and lots (and lots) of toys in front of you. You were definitely ready to learn to sit up because, though you were wobbly, you barely flinched at being sat up and seemed to like the ability to play with toys and view the world from a different angle. And sure enough by Halloween your sitting was getting pretty sturdy. Enough that you could sit for a few minutes without losing your balance. You can even correct yourself if you lean a little side to side. This mama is so proud!

By the way, you had not one, not two, but three Halloween outfits. I tested my sewing skills and made you a Fozzie Bear costume. Never did get a picture of you with your hat on and your pink nose. Nevertheless I think it turned out great. For trick or treating you were a little lobster. Grandma at the lake saw the costume and sent it for you. I dressed as a fisherman and wore you in the carrier. You were a little lobster caught in my net. And how could I not put you in the monster costume that Harry wore for his first Halloween? You are both adorable little monsters.

I’m already looking forward to celebrating your first Christmas, but like I said, trying not to wish the days away. So in the meantime I’ll be filling our days with lots of mom and Foster time. Because, really, I just can’t get enough of you.



Foster 7 months 1

Foster seven months 2

Foster seven months 3

Foster seven months 4

Foster seven months 5


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