Bathroom REVEAL!

I was originally going to divide the process of the bathroom reno up into a couple more posts, but then I thought about how if I were reading this blog I’d be all “Hurry up and show me the after pictures thankyouverymuch!” So since  you really want to see this bathroom before the weekend, right? Right? And you’ve been so patient, I’ll humour you. Just this once. I WISH this bathroom transformed right before my very eyes in just two days, but for you, you can experience Internet magic.

In all honesty, the whole renovation went pretty smoothly except for a few minor surprises that set back the schedule by a few days. So here we go! You’re in for a lot of photos so hold on tight!

Let’s just remember how the room looked right before demo started.

bathroom before

Our very own terracotta-peel&stick tile-grey toilet-space tube oasis. Ahhh. (Say that how you want).

Day One was, of course, demo day. And the one man wrecking crew made light work of our grey acrylic shower (space tube) and the drawers, vanity, toilet and everything else in the bathroom..

Day one

During the demo process doing some “blind” cutting to get the shower out our handyman cut through our water line to the shower in the adjacent family bathroom, AND put a hole along the bottom of the back wall (below the spray foam seen above) which is the bulk head in our kitchen over the railing that looks into the family room. (The wall seen in this post with the proposed chalk boards). So at the end of day one I had zero working showers in our house, no master ensuite and a hole in the wall.

day one 2

Oh! And not only did he cut through the shower pipe he cut right through to the other side of the shower cutting through two tiles in the other shower. .

Our family bathroom isn’t much more updated than our master bathroom, so that meant that we had what I called “ugly tile samples” in our house for a few days while we decided which ugly tile would be the best match/complement to our already existing ugly tiles.

ugly tiles

And did I mention that my husband was away on business that week? No stress.

Day One also revealed an overabundance of spray foam. This is great for insulation, but not great for being able to see what’s in the walls. Our contractor mentioned that they may need attic access for the electricians the next day so after I put the kids to bed on day one, I spent most of the rest of my evening moving our clothes around and taking apart our closet system because the attic access is in our master bedroom closet. Hooray! Add even more disaster to our disaster area.

That takes us to Day Two. On tap was a few hours of work by the electricians and the plumbers set to arrive around lunch time. Well, remember that spray foam I mentioned? Ya… it caused a problem because the electricians didn’t know where the receptacle they were attempting to terminate ended. I was out running errands that day and came back to find that they were still at our house at 3 pm. No plumbers on day two as a result. And, in the “electrical” search that took the electricians up into the attic (time and effort not wasted), and all over my house they ended up scratching the countertop on my kitchen island.

(Record scratch) Say what? But Heather, your kitchen is on a completely different floor than your bathroom. Yep. But apparently the search took them to the back of my pantry and caused them to remove one of the drawers. And either in the setting it down or in the lifting it back up the sliders scratched my countertop (which are man-made stone).

counter scratch

A very  noticeable scratch.

And the bathroom was looking like this at the end of Day Two.

day two

The electricians had been in and ended the receptacle (eventually) and relocated the fan and did whatever it was they needed to do to make it and the other light switches work.

And after day two most of the rest of the days seemed to mix together but I’ll do my best to identify the days as we go.

End of Day Four:

day three

Plumbing relocated (sink plumbing adjusted, not shown), shower base set, and new ceiling partially installed.

End of Day Six:

day five

Walls framed out and floor tiles set.

End of Day Seven:

day 8

Its hard to tell from this photo but the left hand wall of the shower is also tiled.

End of day 8:
day 8

Everything fully grouted.

Some drywall work happened next and that’s just, do the job and wait until it dries so you can sand it down and do it again. So, I don’t have any progress pictures of that.

End of Day Ten:

day 10

Woo hoo! Painted and trim and casing installed. Light fixture re-installed as well. Starting to look like a new bathroom.

End of Day Eleven:

day 11

Glass shower doors installed, and vanity hung.

End of Day Twelve:

day twelve

Vanity hooked up, sink installed, toilet installed, shower head and valve installed, mirror hung.


Here’s all the angles:


bathroom after from the shower

shower head

another wide shot

So there you have it!

Full disclosure: I sat down to write this post about 5 times today and I’m finally getting to it this late so that you could see this post before the weekend. Foster’s naps did not cooperate today. Also, almost all of the pictures are iPhone pictures because I’m kinda scrambling to get this post up, so I hope you’ll allow for some less than awesome photos, but I think you get the idea. I’ll post a proper before and after photo soon.

We still have a few more things to do in the bathroom like find a towel bar, toilet paper holder, towel hook and a few more accessories. And I promise to write a source post with as many sources and details as I can, just to drag this out even longer!

So there ya have it!

Friday Finds will be coming atchya before you know it.


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