Friday Finds

Hope you guys liked the big bathroom reveal yesterday. I’ll be working on getting a proper before and after post up and include as many sources and details as possible for you.

In the meantime, spend your weekend checking out these links.

I woke up to snow on the ground this morning (and still falling) so these great tips from Apartment Therapy on saving money this winter are just in time.

shim wall

Check out the awesomeness you can create with some shims and a lot of creativity. via Found This Painted That So clever!

More great home inspiration from Confetti and Stripes via 6th Street Design School

A great looking diaper bag. 

Scientists have discovered a new human body part. Say what?!


I’m not naming names but I’m pretty sure somebody (my brother) will be getting a pair of these for Christmas. (You have to click this link. The photos are awesome).

This is absolutely crazy and miraculous.

A different kind of happy ending to a plane crash. It’s amazing what you can find in this wide world of ours. 

San Francisco is going to transform into Gotham for a young boy’s Make a Wish.

So many links this week. Enjoy!


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