Can you hack it?

We’re not the first and we certainly won’t be the last to hack something from Ikea, but I thought I’d share how we made over these Ikea Rast 3-Drawer chests to use as our new nightstands.

RAST bedside tables

After moving one of our Malm dressers into Harrison’s big boy room, and then personalizing it, my side of the bed was severely lacking in a bedside table. In the meantime, we’d also moved in a dresser from another room, so we no longer needed the added clothes storage that the Malm dressers provided. That meant we could downsize and gain some breathing room beside the bed.

Of course, we looked to Ikea again (and Pinterest) for solutions. We were up for an Ikea hack, so besides actually buying the two Rasts we used what we had on hand to make over the unfinished pine into something a little more sophisticated. I have to come clean and say that “we” really  means Roland in this case. He took on the project after we both decided and agreed on exactly how to hack ’em.

The chests start out looking like this:


But we didn’t assemble ours before staining and painting. We used the same Dark Walnut stain that we used on our kitchen table makeover, and we painted the drawer fronts white, using the same Simply White (by Benjamin Moore) paint that we’ve been using to refresh all the trim and casing and interior doors in the house.


painted drawers

I didn’t take many progress photos because it was pretty straight forward. Paint the drawer fronts, and stain everything else. Roland just followed the instructions on the stain to get the best coverage. It took three coats to get it looking just how we wanted it. Once everything was dry he assembled them.

We assembled them originally with the original drawer pulls that were just stained to match. But we knew that we would change that up soon so that you didn’t have to hold both knobs to open and close the drawers.


Double hack? You betcha!


We used these Stainless Steel bar handles from Lee Valley in 328 mm length specifically because the “centre to centre” length was exactly what we needed to not have to fill and/or drill any holes.

pull up close

I’m so happy with how they turned out. I love that you don’t need to use two hands to open the drawers now, and I’m overjoyed that I have room for a lamp beside my bed again.

I will take a picture of the whole room soon to show these a bit better and their scale, but when we put these in our bedroom was still a bit of a hot mess from the bathroom reno. #bloggersecrets


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