First impressions

We’ve been in search of a new light for our foyer for quite a while now, and it seems that finally everything is falling in to place.

We inherited this light when we bought the house.

semi flush before

That photo really reminds me of how weird it was. The strange claw-like fingers clutching the ceiling cover, the vines… the colour. Luckily it didn’t draw too much attention to itself so most people didn’t notice it.

Here it is in the foyer before I painted the tone on tone stripes.

foyer overview before

The foyer also had  a matching sconce that we’ve already replaced.

It took us a long time to find something that we both liked, that would look good in the space and, most importantly, was in our price range. Last week when Roland was off, we took a drive to a lighting store that we had heard good things about but had never been to. And sure enough there it was – a light we both liked, in a style that would work in our house, in our price range. And by some crazy miracle they had it in stock.

That pretty much sealed the deal. We’ve been hesitant in the past to order a light that we liked because if it turned out we didn’t like it once we got it home most specialty lighting stores won’t take returns. So, this light being in stock really helped us pull the trigger.

foyer light after

It seems so much brighter as you enter the house now making our foyer seem so much more welcoming.

foyer overview after

And you might notice, we made another quick switch in the foyer by swapping out our old rug for a new one. I found this one in a box marked $35 at the entrance of Home Depot a few weeks ago. They had about five 5 x 7 rugs in there just waiting to be snapped up.


I love the scale. We previously had a 4 x 6 there which was functional, but the 5 x 7 allows you to walk even further into the house without stepping onto the hardwood, and even allowing you to get to the closet on the carpet. Even though it covers up the wood floors it makes the entrance feel larger.

rug close up

Slowly but surely the foyer is coming together. The foyer is one of those spaces that seems silly to spend a lot of time on since its just a small space in your home, but a warm and welcoming foyer is the best way to make a first impression. These inexpensive updates are just what we needed to push us in the right direction. With the holidays coming up and lots of gatherings planned the timing couldn’t be better!


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