My chai and a print

Recently I visited my parents and they introduced me to an awesome little gadget that totally wowed me. Prepare to be amazed… Its a milk frother.

Yup, I love to have a chai latte and I have one just about every day. For years I’d been making chai with the steam wand from our espresso machine. Lately our espresso machine has fallen out of favour. Roland’s been opting instead for a “regular” cup of joe and the actual espresso press has gotten a bit finicky (read – not working), so we had a bulky espresso machine taking up valuable counter space, all so that I could use the steam wand.

How did I not know about this before?

When I added a basket full of recipes, it displaced the espresso machine to another part of the counter.

kitchen before 6

basket full of recipes

But now, it’s off the counter for good.

milk frother

And, what’s in its place takes up a teeny, tiny space. And that’s when its out. The beauty of the frother is that I can put it in the cupboard and neatly tuck it away. Countertop freedom!


Thanks so much to my parents for gifting this to me as a belated birthday present. They bought me this one by Cuisinart and the verdict is I love it! Its so much faster to make my chai now since I don’t have to wait for the espresso machine to pressurize and warm up.

my chai

Oh… and that print. Its a free printable (found here – with lots of other colour combos to match your colour scheme) that I’ve wanted to find a place for in the house for a while now. It has moved around a bit, but I love it right here next to my sink in the kitchen.

What I love most about my home is who I share it with… and my new frother. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My chai and a print

    • Oh my goodness! This is awesome. Thank you! I will definitely participate. The toughest part will be nominating 10 more blogs with less than 200 followers. Guess I’ll be finding new blogs. 🙂

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