Deck the Walls: Honeymoon edition

Putting more holes in the walls and dressing up our family room this time.

branch of love

This candle holder moved with us from our first house and we just never put it up when we moved. We bought this on our honeymoon so it has a special place in my heart and I think being in the family room is just the perfect spot for it.

leaves of love

The little candles give a little ambiance to the room. I love that the leaves and branches ties in to the DIY art that I made a little while ago. Turns out this room is shaping up to have a tree/leaf theme. Hopefully each candle represents a decade of love that’s instore for us. (Too mushy? Too bad.)

sneak peek

Oooh… sneak peek at our Christmas decorations!


One thought on “Deck the Walls: Honeymoon edition

  1. Really nicely done Heather, Take Mir’s advise re candles. Love the sentiment about the decades for each candle. love GG at the lake.

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