Gift Guide 2013: Stocking Stuffers

Sweet little things to give and get!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

1. Game Pad, Indigo $10 2. Julep Bangle, Stella & Dot   $15.20 3. The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp With Light Aromatic Essential Oils Shaving Cream, Sephora $30 4. Market Tote Bag – Totes Ma Goats, West Elm $15.63 5. Gold Star Ornament, Godiva $10 6. Cookie Dropper, Lee Valley $10.95 7. Zip file, Tweezerman (online or at select Drug Stores) $6 8. Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5/5s, Belkin $39.99 9. Felt Penguin Mama and Baby Ornament, Indigo $6.25 10. Instant Nail Polish Remover, Sephora $11 11. Gentleman’s Hardware Bottle Opener, West Elm $21.22 12. Mercury Candle Holder, West Elm $3.35 13. Sparklers Brush Set, Sephora $12 14. Hand Food hand lotion, Select Drug Stores $10 15. Stainless Rasp and Holder, Lee Valley $23 16. Festive Shea Gift Cube, The Body Shop $6.30

If you’re still looking for more ideas a great pair of socks, a gift card in a small denomination, lottery tickets or a hand-written note are good stuffers too.

Growing up my stocking always had a grapefruit in the bottom which we’d then eat with breakfast. It always had a magazine and was full of toiletries like a new toothbrush, deodorant, nail polish etc.

Do you wrap any of your stocking stuffers? I do!

Happy stuffing!


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