Guy’s Gift Guide 2013

Contain yourselves. I’m back.

This week I found out that my oh-so-wonderful WifeLady was discussing with a friend about how their husbands had ‘such boring Christmas lists that have stuff like work books and belts on them’.  Ignore them, they’re wrong.  Here’s proof in the form of a list of great gift choices for guys (source: I’m a guy who makes great choices).

Predictably Irrational

Predictably Irrational – $12.99 – Amazon


Ideaspotting – $13.20 – Amazon

It’s winter and cold out.  Who doesn’t want to be able to control their furnace from their smartphone? Or to have their thermostat to automatically learn their heating and cooling preferences by learning your daily schedules and adjusting heat accordingly? Or to have a smoke alarm that talks to you like a human rather than screaming like a banshee every time you look at the toaster?  Unless you’re really hung up on the potential Skynet risk here, I suggest you play the numbers on this one.

Nest Thermostat – $249 – Nest

Nest Protect – $129 – Nest

Remember Father’s Day when I suggested a grill?  [update: I now have one and, as promised, it’s awesome]  Everyone knows that a man can’t be expected to live with a grill on its own … we needs us some grill accessories.  Ladies, I know you know how important it is to accessorize – I’ve seen the shoes, the purses, the jewelry.  Same flies here but with more meat and smoke. The Smokenator will convert that previously-suggested grill into a full-blown smoker while the Thermapen is by far the best instant-read thermometer on the market and ooooh lookie!  It comes in all kinds of colours!  Squeeee!  I went with hazard orange so that I can find the damn thing when I put it down outside.  Be practical, people.

Smokenator – $59.95 – Smokenator

Thermapen – $96 – ThermoWorks

Fact.  Many guys travel.  Whether for work or for fun, these bags from Everlane are great – the Weekender’s well-built and rugged and can stash all you need to make it through a week-long trip while still squeezing lengthwise into that last tiny remaining spot in the overhead compartment when United decides that you should be in boarding group seven million and one.  Which reminds me of this. And this..

Everlane Weekender

Weekender – $95 – Everlane

Reverse Denim Dopp – $30 – Everlane

Sometimes we get a chance to relax. Lots of options in this vein this year. George R.R. Martin finally got around to getting book five of ASOIAF out (remember the first four I suggested?), Microsoft and Sony released their next-gen consoles and apparently that whole “apps” and “digital music” fad is still going strong.

A Dance With Dragons – $9.99 – Amazon

Xbox One – $499 – Futureshop

Playstation 4 – $399 – Futureshop

iTunes Gift Card – $multiple – Apple

Every list needs a stretch goal.  Here’s mine. P85+ please. White.

Tesla Model S – $140000 – Tesla Motors

Enjoy your holidays.


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