Friday Finds

I hope you enjoyed this week of gift guides. We had lots of fun putting them together for you. There are so many great gifts to give that we couldn’t squeeze them all in, but hopefully the lists inspire you to find the perfect gift for every person on your list. Of course, thoughtful gifts are my favourite gift to give. And the gift of time can be the most special, so if you’re ever in doubt offer up your time and make memories with the people you love.

If you really want to have something to unwrap DateVitation has taken care of that for you. Create your own personalized book of dates to have with your partner and make a memory… or a year’s worth! All the ideas supplied for you, too.

If you need more gift guide inspiration are are a few more of my favourites from around the web: Cool Mom Tech (something for every gadget geek on your list), Gifts for your Bestie (Iron & Twine – I’ll take one of everything!), Gifts Under $25 and for the Trendy Tot (One Fine Day), and it’s tough to top my husband’s guy’s gift guide but I like this one too (The Marilyn Denis Show).

‘Tis the season for the Christmas wish list and kids can really dream big, can’t they? But sometimes their wishes can be a little… unrealistic. Here’s what one dad had to say about his daughter’s “insane” list this year. (Caution: language is not PG) Then, enjoy browsing through the reader-submitted lists. Reminds me of my brother’s lists from when he was a kid.

And from the outrageous to the truly realistic, here’s what one ten-month old really wants for Christmas. I know Foster will love this. I’ve already started putting gift tags around the house with his name on them.

Santa Visit 2013

I just took the boys to see Santa this year (Harry’s third year in a row) but I’m not sure I’ll have the commitment to make it to 34 years like these guys have.

Something completely not about Christmas but so awesome that you have to read this. Bill Murray is a mystical figure.

The Tastiest Treat You Have Probably Never Heard Of. My husband is from Halifax and craves these often.

An unbelievable display of bike-riding. (video)

And, yes this is a commercial, but the thought and planning that had to go into this is astounding. It was pulled off magnificently, and is such a great idea. Whoever came up with this idea should be promoted to president of… whatever they want. West Jet is a great airline to begin with. This just goes to show the kind of fun-loving company this is. (If you’re a sucker for feel-good holiday stories, then get your tissues ready).

And check out the bloopers too


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