Welcome 2014

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. All my best wishes for the year ahead. I kinda fell of the face of the planet Internet back in December. I even had more posts planned, but don’t worry. My absence just means that I was spending time with my friends and family over the holidays. I often thought of popping in here, but I just couldn’t tear myself away from my sweet little family!

That means I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

When faced with this situation, I’m going to do what any sane blogger would do: Photo Fest!

Christmas mantle

I was going to prep a post for you about how our house got dressed up inside for Christmas, after I showed you the outside, but I guess you’ll just have to extrapolate from this photo. I don’t go crazy and deck out every last corner of the house for Christmas. So trust me when I say this is the bulk of it!

Olympic ready

We spent time in my hometown with my parents and brother and sister inlaw and celebrated Christmas together before the 25th. We were so spoiled. My mom especially made sure the boys were ready to cheer on Team Canada this February!

Christmas kiss

I took a few photos of the boys in front of the tree on Christmas eve and Harry just reached over and kissed his brother on the head. And then I melted.

Christmas eve

We let the boys each open one present on Christmas eve. Of course they were new Christmas jammies. I was so lucky to snag this great picture of my guys looking at the tree. After this we packed the boys up in the car and drove around our neighbourhood looking at all the lights. It was so beautiful, and I think we might have to make this a tradition.

Santa was here

After the boys were all nestled in their beds, we helped Santa put the finishing touches on the gifts, including setting up the train set for Harrison (which he can’t stop talking about!)

sums it up

This photo was taken before a single present was opened and pretty much sums up how Harrison’s Christmas was this year. (And how we all feel about the memories we made this year too).

A Christmas surprise

I wish we had a video of the boys opening this gift from Santa. Harrison opened it and said “Ah! I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long!” Ha! That kid cracks us up. Neither Roland nor I had heard him talk about a full set of Peter Rabbit books. But either way, he loved it.

Its the small things

This lighted magnifying glass went over famously with Harrison, proving of course that gifts don’t have to be loud or flashy or battery-operated to keep a child happy. Our budding scientist has one more tool in his kit. Also, what does it say about you when your child receives multiple Starbucks gift cards for Christmas?

Foster's first Christmas

Foster seemed to be enjoying his first Christmas too.

dino snow shoes

After Christmas day, we’ve been spending our days opening and playing with our new “toys”, getting out of the house, helping Harrison do lots of puzzles (he got so many this year!) and just enjoying even more family time. We rang in the New Year with close friends and enjoyed an amazing 7 course dinner with drinks and of course champagne! We’ve got a few days left before Roland heads back to work and its back to routine. We had such an amazing holiday, but I’m looking forward to the routine of “regular” life too.



7 thoughts on “Welcome 2014

  1. OH Heather these are beautiful , can I have an early next Christmas gift and have you print this whole series including captions into a folder style portfolio . Like old tourist postcards used to be done. Please Please Please. GGATL

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