Friday Finds

This is the first Friday Finds of the year. Enjoy!

Sometimes it feels like there’s a card (or an ecard) for everything.

mom pjs

When we had the snow day on Tuesday this is what went through my head: “I better put my yoga pants on. Then I’ll get stuff done.” For real.

So, I just need to get me some of these so I look professional. (I can’t believe this stuff exists!)

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but I do try to set goals. I definitely want to be more active this year, so I’ll be starting small with this 15-minute mom workout. Oooh! I could wear my work yoga pants to do this!

And I’m also following along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. You should do it too! It’s not too late to join.

I’m definitely a list maker and I love calendars too. I found this great printable one. Should keep me happy all year long!

If you’ve got a lot of snow like we do, and a bit of free time on your hands maybe you could try and outdo these brothers and their amazing snow-sculpting skills.

Or if you just need a chuckle check out some of these “creative” eyebrows. (Press the “previous” button to view the gallery. Don’t ask me why).


If you’re looking for a delish meal idea for this weekend, try this one out. Its one of our new faves. Simple to make and so delicious! I pass on the blue cheese dressing since I’m not a fan. But even without it, these fajitas are to die for.

I got a good chuckle out of this dad who honestly filled out his 11-month old daughter’s daycare application. Goals?

Sarah Richardson Basement Bar

Another project husbandman and I want to tackle this year is our basement. Making it more functional, organized and beautiful. Something that really works for our family. I love what Sarah Richardson did with this space by creating a little kitchenette. I’ve got just the closet for this!

And what if parents re-wrote the lyrics to Lorde’s big hit of 2013 Royals? Pure, sleep-deprived, genius.

Have a great weekend! If you’ve already clicked the link for the January Cure, then you already know what I’ll be up to.


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