Foster – Eight and Nine months

Dear Foster,

This newsletter is a little overdue. The lead up to and the Christmas holidays (aka December) were so busy that I didn’t get time to sit down and write to you about all the awesome things we did. So here it is now.

November was all about new foods for you. You continue to be a great eater munching down pretty much anything I put in front of you. You love sweet potato, eggs! and blueberries, but don’t love everything sweet. You still shudder at bananas and other sweet fruits like mango.

When you started trying to pick things up I knew it was my cue to start giving you Cheerios. And just as I suspected, you love those little morsels. And now even when I’m feeding you something else, you demand to have Cheerios on the tray at all times so that you can sneak them into your mouth between my spoonfuls. You are a tyrant about it, really.

In November we took you to the Santa Claus parade as your first Christmas-related outing. We had great weather and you were a champ as usual, just hanging out in your chair or with me or your dad.

You love playing peek-a-boo with your blanket and even seem to know when we want you to play by responding by hiding when we tell you to. You’re such a clever boy!

We also had a great family day at the end of the month and the four of us went to Ripley’s Aquarium and to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. It was a lot of fun and you enjoyed watching the fish swim by and all the bright colours.

November was also the month that you started your efforts at crawling. You’re getting up on hands and knees, and you know that you’ve gotta get going somehow, but for November, just rocking back and forth.

December was certainly full of events and as usual you took them all in stride. More new food, lots of friendly faces, and you just took it all like a champ.

I took you to work for my work Christmas luncheon and you enjoyed the turkey and mashed potatoes. And you were a good boy at our open house too. Playing with and smiling for our many guests.

December also kicked off a good streak of sleeping through the night. You were doing pretty well until we headed to Nana and Papa’s and you slept in the front room. The silly snow plough kept waking you (and me) up at 5 am!

Speaking of Nana and Papa’s we spent 10 days there before Christmas and had some crazy weather. Lots of snow, lots more snow, and some freezing cold temperatures. Down to the -30s with the windchill! Brrr. We kept you bundled up and didn’t go out much so you stayed cozy warm.

You had your first cold in December, too. A nose that just would not stop running. You took it pretty well, but did not like having your nose wiped. I don’t blame you since I had to wipe it about once every minute. I didn’t know someone so little could make so much goob.

At the beginning of December we also saw the first buds of little teeth pop through. You got your two bottom front teeth for Christmas! Thank goodness. You were a drooly, chewy mess before they popped.

And, of course, I can’t talk about December without talking about your first Christmas.

We took you to see Santa, and although you weren’t too sure, you kept it together and we had no tears. Just a few wary looks for the camera.

You and your brother were terribly spoiled, but it’s so fun to watch you play with all your new toys. Your face lights up when the toy does. Its so cute.

We drove to London on Christmas Day for Christmas dinner with Grandma and Grampy and Jason and Megan. We were spoiled again. And just as you always are, you were a great little traveller.

December was the month that you got on the move. To your dismay you could only move backwards. This was endlessly frustrating for me you, because you had a goal in mind but could only push yourself backwards.  You could see your target but just couldn’t figure out how to motor yourself there. You got yourself into some pretty hilarious positions, though. Like under the bouncy chair, under the side table, under the arm chair. Pretty much, under anything and then you’d get stuck and start to cry and we’d have to rescue you.

December was a really happy month filled with family time (since your dad had a nice long break from work, too) and so many wonderful memories. It’s one I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks, Bean Sprout.



aquarium trip


looking innocent


8 months old


a gift from Santa


Christmas at Nanas


trying to crawl


Christmas Eve


with Dad


Christmas morning


The very  hungry caterpillar


First Christmas


9 months



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