A Quick Fix for a Quick Exit

As I mentioned, I’ve been following along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.

Today’s assignment was to “Create a Landing Strip”. And I knew even before the start of January that I needed to do something about this:


So today’s assignment came at a perfect time. Truth be told, when Assignment 5 challenged us to pick a project to cross off my list I thought this back door dropping zone was going to be it. But I guess that would’ve been cheating because I tackled it during one of Foster’s naps today and see a huge improvement.

We use our garage door as the main entrance for our family and it is crowded so we need to make the best use of the space to help filter what comes in quickly and effectively. We installed a closet system a while ago, and I’d say it was working for us at about 75%. I say that because it was obviously a mess, but it also only took me under an hour to clear it up and get it back to working order.


I cleared it out, edited what was in our bins and relocated what didn’t belong or was out of season. It’s a small closet so I’ve made a rule that we each only get one seasonal coat at this door. The one we wear the most gets to stay. We have another larger closet near our front door, and any other some-of-the-time coats and jackets can be stored in there for easy access when we do want to switch it up.

I gained a ton of room by hanging my scarves on the new scarf hanger that I picked up at Ikea a few weeks ago. It means I could get rid of one of my bins, and get my bag up on the shelf instead of down below on the shoe rack. Makes room for a few more pairs of shoes too!

drop zone before

The drop zone was by far the worst. So I cleared it out, and put only what needs to stay back. I swapped out a small letter sorter for two magazine files that we already had (also from Ikea, but from a trip a long time ago). The plan for those magazine files is to sort mail into important/needs attention, and want to keep. So bills and other items needing action will go in one, and magazines and other mail that we want to get to, read through or look at later will go in the other. Anything else will get dropped into the recycling bins that we keep right outside the doors and never even make it into the house.

drop zone after

We already had the doggy bank for loose change (Target), and the wooden bowl (HomeSense) for keys. I added a plastic drawer divider that I picked up at the Dollar Store and didn’t use for another project. The drawer divider will hold our sunglasses.

There’s enough room left on the tray to set down something like a travel mug or something else that we might be carrying in with us.

Hopefully this helps us stay more organized and we can keep this system up. I’ll have to keep you posted on how it goes.

I’ll consider this a good, and quick and easy, first step. I’d like to add a command centre to this area too, including perhaps a few hooks so the kids can start to hang their own coats etc. when they come in. The low basket works great for Harrison so far as he knows where all his winter gear goes when he gets it off.

What do you think? Anyone else doing some quick and easy organizing this week?



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