Friday Finds

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to this weekend. We’ve got lots on our plate including dinner with friends, my January cure assignment and a few other projects around the house if there’s time. And not to mention the Pats are playing for the AFC Championship! Hopefully the weekend ends on a high note.

If you’re feeling up for something a little silly, try out this quiz that tells you which Muppet you’d be. I got a Snowth. Doo Do do-do-do.

Our January project is the basement play area for the boys. We’re trying to organize and make it more functional and make room for all the toys. But if you know me at all (of course you do) you know that it has to be pretty too. I’ve got some progress pictures to share with you next week, but for now, here’s a peek at the colour palette that’s inspired us. (While you’re there, follow me on Pinterest)

WE polka dot towel

Love this polka dot towel from West Elm. They might have to make an appearance in our new bathroom.

I’m married, so I don’t find any of these things out of the ordinary.

Harrison and I have started writing notes for others on their birthday. So far my dad and husbandman have received these letters in their birthday cards. The things he comes up with are awesome. For example, he wished Roland got an ostrich for his birthday. A lovely little keepsake. Ha! I can’t wait to hear the kinds of letters he’ll write when he can write on his own. Like these kids who wrote some of the most honest and hilarious letters.

ON red scarf

I love this red scarf as a perfect pop of red for Valentine’s Day that you can wear all year. And speaking of Valentine’s Day… I think I found the perfect card for Roland.

And a really important message for parents. So scary, share with all your friends.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. Go Pats Go!



2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. 1. I also got a snowth? Are we the same person?

    2. That Valentine’s card is so hilarious and so true in our house. Although more like “on the couch” as I go to bed much, much. much earlier than Dan.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Ps: I love the polka dot towel too!

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