Playroom Progress

Okay, so don’t cringe. If you have a weak stomach and disorganization makes you feel uncomfortable you may want to look away now.

In the post-Christmas assessment of what’s come into our house it was clear that we needed to change how we store and use the toys that the boys have. With two kids it became clear that we weren’t using our spaces to their full potential. Foster is growing into toys that we already had from when Harrison was that age (which we keep pulling back out), and of course Harrison is growing into new toys like puzzles and larger toys. And it’s not that the amount of toys is growing that rapidly, actually, but the amount of toys in use on any given day is a lot more since we need toys accessible for different ages.

We have a space carved out in our basement that we called the “play area”. Its where books and toys and stuffies were returned to their home. But the furniture we had there wasn’t functional enough. It didn’t have enough storage to store all the toys, and it wasn’t easy for the boys to access the toys and put them away on their own.

So, don’t judge.

Playroom before

Keeping it real, people.

play area before

And did I mention we have a huge arcade? Roland made that himself and it was taking up valuable floor space in the play area. It was time to relocate it to a different part of the house.

And all the guys said, say what?! Yes, we have an arcade. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere it’s just being moved around. And that was our first step. We needed to disassemble the arcade and get it to a different area of the house. (It needs some work, and I’m hoping Roland will be able to fill you in on that project later).

We’ve been living with the paint colours that the previous owners put in as well. Its difficult to capture on camera, but the wall behind the the cabinet (that is really a tv/media stand) was sponge painted in two tones of beige-y brown.

arcade gone

Once the arcade was gone it was already looking so much better and a lot bigger. It’s amazing how much actual space and visual space the arcade was taking up. And the next step was to clear out the toys so I could paint.

cleared out

And luckily my idea of a great Thursday night is painting so that’s just what I did.

Here’s a few pictures of the difference a can of paint can make.

paint change

The main colour for the space is Benjamin Moore Sea Star. I was a little hesitant at first because it seemed like a dark colour but it’s actually lighter than the beige-y brown that was on the walls before. You can see a little bit better the “texture” that was on the brown walls in the space too.

paint change

The rest of our basement is painted in this golden yellow colour.

That’s about all I can show you for now. While I was at it, I also painted the trim moulding. You can see in the picture above how different the white and cream are. The white really freshens up the space. And since we are putting in furniture that was going to be close the golden wall that you see so I also painted this portion of the wall. You’ll have to wait and see how it looks later this week when I can take some more photos. That’s what I did on Saturday night while listening to the hockey game. Again… good times for me.

I can’t wait to show you the rest!


2 thoughts on “Playroom Progress

  1. Aww Heather I remember well, the days when John was travelling with work, the miracles that could be wrought when evening or naptime came. Looks nice can’t wait for the rest. Love Gramxx

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