Friday Finds

Happy weekend, friends!

I’m looking forward to hosting our friends for our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday. Harrison has his usual activities on tap and another storm is about to hit bringing with it about another foot of snow. I say, bring it on  so long as the freezing (I mean really freezing *cough* polar vortex *cough*) temps are gone!

If you’re hosting a party like me, you might find these free party printables handy.


These are some of the most gorgeous photos of children I’ve ever seen.

And here’s some other photos of children, recreated by those same children as grown-ups. Funny.

Once the Super Bowl is over it’s time for the Olympics. I’m such a sucker for the Olympics. I love ’em. I love the sports, the spirit of the games, and of course the stories like the one of these sisters that makes you think about your goals and dreams and what you’d do to reach them… and what it would take to give them up.

And if that video just made you cry watch this. You’ll cry laughing.

Happy Super Bowl weekend!


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