Valentine’s Day treats for the kids

I remember growing up and always having a little something for Valentine’s Day from my parents. It was always waiting for us at “our” spot at the table when we came down for breakfast. So I picked up a few things for the boys for this year.

Valentines day treats

Mostly it’s stuff that I picked up at the Dollar Spot at Target. They’ll each get a pack of stickers. Harrison will get some new crayons – how do we go through so many?! – the Mickey Mouse water bottle that he can use at his skating lessons, an activity pack and a new pair of pyjamas. Foster will be getting a new pair of pyjamas too. Mostly because they both needed new pyjamas so I took advantage of Old Navy’s Kids and Baby Sale recently and stashed them away for Friday.

Why no chocolate? I’m sure my parents will have that covered!

Do you get your kids stuff for Valentine’s Day? Or any other not-Christmas holiday?


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