Family Day Weekend

It was Family Day Weekend here in Ontario and it was so jam-packed I didn’t even get time to post Friday’s Finds. (I’ll have extra goodies for you this week).

We travelled to my parents house on Thursday night just before a storm hit and thank goodness we decided to travel when we did because the 10-15 cms that we were supposed to get was really more like 30 cms and much of Friday was spent shovelling snow multiple times. Who am I kidding? I didn’t do any shovelling but I watched the kids (as usual) while my dad used the snow blower. More than once.

One of the best gifts I got for Valentine’s Day was a night out with husbandman with free babysitting and a DD so we could both enjoy a drink (or two) and not have to worry about getting home safely.

Here’s a picture of me and my littlest Valentine just before we put him to bed before we headed out for dinner.

little Valentine

Saturday was a beautiful winter day and the best day of the weekend weather-wise. It was relatively mild compared to what we’ve been having and it wasn’t snowing, so my brother, husbandman and I took Harrison over to the neighbourhood rink to go for a quick skate. He totally impressed me with his skills. The rough outdoor ice really made a difference and gave him the confidence to go on his own and he even learned to get up on his own too.

Considering that during most of his lessons he yells at me that he wants to go home, I’d say this smile is a vast improvement.

Goalie's best friend

I am one proud mama!

family skate

And after the morning skate my parents took Harrison out for lunch before the early version of his birthday party began. I can’t believe he’ll be three in just two weeks!

We went to the community pool with one of his cousins and my brother and sister inlaw. Sadly there’s no pictures of this part, but both Harrison and Foster had a blast. There was a wading pool that was just perfect for both kids and Harrison spent most of the time going down the slide.

Winterfest was on this weekend as well so we walked over from the pool to the main festivities and Harrison got to check out a huge train set, got a balloon animal and had his face painted. He wanted to be a cat.

Cat opening presents

And before we headed home, the boys had time to stick their heads in the penguin photo.

penguin pals

Then we headed back to the house for presents and a game, and of course, cake.

cake candles

Chocolate cake!

protecting his cake

After skating, lunch, swimming, festival-ing, presents, dinner and cake we had one tired kiddo on our hands. I had lots of fun too!

Sunday was a belated Christmas party for my mom and her friends and their families. We celebrated with brunch and cheering on Team Canada in various events. Primarily men’s hockey and the Ice Dance short program that Tessa and Scott totally nailed!

The men’s hockey game went to overtime and we put out all the stops to help Canada win, including the tried and true (?) put on your Canada Olympic mittens and put a hex on the other team.


It may be crazy, but it worked! Doughty scored so we wouldn’t have to endure a shoot out.


The Olympic action didn’t keep everyone glued to the TV, though.


We travelled back on Sunday after dinner so the kids slept for the entire 5 hour ride and we relaxed on Family Day as you’re supposed to.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


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