A tisket a tasket, a giant basket

When last I showed you the play room, two of the items on the to-do list included baskets.

Shelving plus wall colour

I haven’t made it to Ikea yet to pick up a fifth basket for the shelving unit, but I did find a huge basket at Target from the Beaver Canoe line.

I was hoping I’d find some large basket-type container for holding stuffies, so when I found this basket, I thought I’d take it home. Especially since it was the last one in the store!

basket wide

It replaced plastic stacking baskets. They didn’t hold as many stuffed animals, they weren’t as sturdy as this basket is. The bins were easy to pull down especially as Foster likes to climb and pull up on everything now! And most importantly the basket is much prettier.

basket buddies

Look who I found! Foster approves.

Foster in the basket

So huggable!

And I almost forgot to tell you that I got a great deal. The barcode on the tag wouldn’t even ring up at the register or by any other method they tried. Even though I told them what price I thought it was there was no other basket to replace it with in the store since I grabbed the last one. I joked that since it wouldn’t ring up that it should be free. And the associate took $10 off the price! Goes to show it never hurts to ask, or to joke around!

So just one little big item ticked off the to-do list.

  • Get another basket for that fifth spot on the second row next time I’m at Ikea
  • I’d like to replace the white open baskets (that you see overflowing with stuffed animals) and get a large basket to store stuffies and hard toys that don’t fit into one of the cubbies
  • Add a reading nook with some chairs. Maybe make some bean bag chairs myself? (That would be a test of my sewing skills!)
  • Add art to the space and a place to include the boys artwork
  • Add labels to the bins and baskets so that the boys know which bin to look in when they’re taking toys out and definitely so they know where to put them back!
  • Change the light fixture. Husbandman wants something that looks like a spaceship. We’ll see.
  • Maybe include a table or an easel for doing artwork in the space?

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