Foster – Ten Months

Dear Foster,

The story for January, your tenth month, was all about the weather. I mean it was cold. See – CBC, National Post, CTV. On January 6th 32 cms of snow fell! And that was just the start of the snow and cold in January. But hey, this is Canada and we’re a hearty bunch so we did get out a little bit. Albeit, not that much. I will admit that I was planning our day around how many times I’d have to get you out of the car and into the stroller. If it was more than twice something got dropped to the next day or left as not important.

Around the beginning of the month we switched you into your new car seat. You were just pushing the size limits of the infant car seat so it was just easier to install the new one rather than continuing to guess if you’d hit the limit. Let’s just say, you didn’t love the new seat at first. I don’t know if it was because it was cold from being in the car or because it fit differently, but it was a struggle for about two weeks every time we got you in.

We did however, get out and about and bundled up. And everywhere we went people commented on your hat. Yup, that silly green hat is the topic of much conversation. Is it a dinosaur? A dragon? A monster? Someone even commented on your cute little frog hat. It was confusing, but one thing everyone agreed on was that it was cute, and you were even cuter.

At the beginning of the month you were still going backwards with your commando crawling, but you learned to harness it and figured out that your targets should be behind you. This has made you a much happier baby. By the middle of the month you were crawling forwards a couple steps up on hands and knees and then down to commando crawling. Then one day you were just up and on the move. I think you get faster every day.

Your newfound ability to move seems to have given you a new perspective and sense of adventure. We put the mattress in your bed down, so that you didn’t start climbing out, because you’ve started to pull yourself up on everything. It’s so fun to watch you explore the world from a different view. Harrison doesn’t always think it’s so great. Especially when you mess up his train tracks or knock over his tower. You’re both learning how to play together.

I can’t believe it, but we’ve started thinking about me going back to work. I’m trying to put that stuff aside and just enjoy my last few months with you. And you’re making it so easy. You’re quick to smile, love to cuddle with me and sit with me, and never want me far away. Don’t worry Bean Sprout, I’m not going anywhere.



the hat

bundled up

Foster playing

Foster climbing

ten months


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