Friday Finds

Well I’ll just say that I’ve got a glow about me today from all that gold Team Canada won yesterday. Both women’s curling and the women’s hockey were nail biters – to say the least – but I was glued to the action. I can take no credit for their win, but I sure am proud.

Speaking of which, I was watching the hockey game with a couple girlfriends and their kids and we jumped and cheered and high-fived. Much like the rest of the country. See. The whole country jumped at once.

If you haven’t caught on yet that Canada also loves us some curling then A) what have you been doing the last 13 days? and B) Read this Hater’s Guide to Olympic Curling

Oh physics. You’re so weird. Look what you did to these figure skaters!

And just one more find about the Olympics that I wanted to share with you last week. Canada had a great start to the Olympics both in and outside competition so Buzzfeed put together these 10 ways that Canada has already won the Olympics.


I love both of these DIY “pipe” projects. So clever. So gorgeous. Where, oh where can I put this in my house? One from Primitive and Proper and one from 6th Street Design School.

I love this tutorial on how to DIY a belt strap bin from Iron & Twine.

Two great articles from Apartment Therapy on how to Developing Your Own Style and Three Things to Stop Saying to Your Home’s Visitors. I’ll admit I can do some of those three things because I feel like there’s always something more to work on around the house, but I’m working on letting it all go, knowing that my friends are visiting for me, not for a tidy play room or a sink that’s been emptied of dishes. Which reminds me of this.

Foster’s first birthday is just around the corner. Sigh. I love how this unconventional theme has been carried through. It’s giving me good ideas for throwing Foster’s party (despite the fact that I’m in denial that he’ll be a year old soon).

Did you know there’s a Zulily for dudes? It’s called JackThreads.

She found a phone, and texted well, you’ll see:

twitter dummy

This dog might be the worst at fetch in the history of ever.

I really hope I have a friendship like this.

I might not make it to 100 if the Olympics keep going the way they’re going! Have a great weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy taking the time to browse through this week’s finds.


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